Responding to the Coronavirus and isolation

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Dear Friends. The situation all of us are facing is one of fear and uncertainty. Our community is already starting to feel the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. I encourage all of us to do all we can as individuals in preventing the virus spreading, especially to the most vulnerable.

However alongside the practical measures we can take to not pass on the virus, I implore us all to pull together as a community and to look out for one another. There will be those who will be in isolation, some through illness and some through fear. We can look after our neighbour. We can make sure we keep contact with those around us through phone calls, texts and social media. We can help those in isolation to get what they need to keep going. As so many are panic buying and stockpiling for themselves, we can share what we have with those who need it in our community.

The coming weeks are going to be tough. Whilst we travel through this valley of fear and uncertainty, let us not seek to only protect and look after ourselves, but to protect and carry each other.

This time too will pass We will get through this, we will do what is necessary, we will take responsibility and act accordingly and appropriately. But more than this, may we act with kindness, compassion and come together as one, strong, united and determined community where no-one is left behind.

May God be with you and give you peace.
Rev Joe Kinsella.